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Opinions Are Like Children or Puppies, But Not Really

Actually, I find this kind of ugly and annoying.

Actually, I find this kind of ugly and annoying.

Everyone probably knows the old adage about opinions being like assholes. We don’t think that’s quite our approach. I’d probably revise that to “Opinions are like babies and puppies. People think their own are the greatest, cutest, most wonderful things in the world. Everyone else finds them annoying and wants you to keep them away … until they want them to play.”

So I guess this site is for those who want to ooh and ahh out our (non-biological) babies or play fetch with our puppies, at least for a few minutes. What we’ve been excited to find out is that you’re taking our advice, which is amazing. So they really are cute!?

It’s a little terrifying too. CoupledWith is brand new (only seven advice posts so far), but we’ve heard feedback from several of our advisees so far, and they’ve been happy. I’m sure we’ll mess up, offend, or disappoint somewhere along the line, but we’re pleased so far.

Anyway, we’re pretty positive that our puppies are top-breed and that our babies are cute in all the senses of the word (adorable and smart). We met over 13 years ago, when we were 19 and 20, both in fancy colleges, and both waiting for all the geographic, academic, personal, and professional tumults of our 20s and 30s. You don’t stay together through all of that unless a) you’re terrified that you’ll go to hell if the relationship falters (which we’re definitely not) or b) you’re good communicators and compromisers (which we think we are).

While we’ve grown together, we’ve watched a lot of people struggle and falter through the same things.

Anyway, because the advisees haven’t posted in the comments section, here are a few updates on our first posts:

Married Eye for the Timid Guy: The timid guy agrees with us that he has to man up, but he’s not going to seek therapy to help him do that yet. Instead, he’s going to rely on his friends to help. You can lead a horse to water, I guess. Good luck to him, though.

Adderall Addiction Angst: The husband confronted the wife and removed the Adderall from the house. Hopefully they’ll find a way to get at the deeper issues too.

The Mother and the Whore: The advisee broke it off with the marriage-type he’d been dating without any attraction, and he seemed to take our criticism constructively.

(Not the) Last Tango in Paris: It wasn’t Paris, but it was with a foreigner abroad. This woman is feeling pretty good about reclaiming her sexuality and is going to use her feelings about that success to propel herself into successes closer to home.

We’re All in Competition for the Same Six Manchildren: The women who coined this headline is going to ease up on the online dating, focus on guys in the real world, and try to tone down the negativity a bit. She’s able to see how well she’s done already.

Thanks for your feedback on our advice, everyone above. (We have so many more messages queued up for responses.) Happy Thanksgiving, and good luck out there.