Coupled With D&S

Real, nonjudgmental advice about dating, sex, love, and life from a thirty-something couple that has seen it all over thirteen years.

Trust us. We live in Brooklyn. (Joking. Kind of.)

About D&S


David & Sally are just two thirty-something Brooklynites who think they can help you out. We specialize in advice about sex, love, relationships or any of life’s challenges. But seriously, what’s more challenging than sex, love, and relationships?

The thing that makes us different from the typical New Yorkers our age (apart from not being obsessed with Brooklyn foodie rooftop culture) is the duration of our relationship. We met in 2000 and have been married since 2006, when we were only in our mid-twenties. Around here, that’s practically considered child-marriage.

Our friends and colleagues see us as that stable couple with a perfect, easy relationship, and they ask for advice all the time. The truth is that it’s hard work to find and stay together with someone (if that’s what you want). We’ve survived practically every dramatic up and down a couple might face, from crime and medical crises to life abroad in foreign countries and temptations that would make the Marquis de Sade blush. OK, we don’t have kids yet, which is why we don’t live in Park Slope.

In addition to being a little younger than the other advice columnists out there, we have the benefit of two perspectives and opinions. We’ll try to solve your relationship woes without ending ours. And just because we look like a perfectly conventional couple, don’t expect us to prescribe perfectly conventional advice. We’re not interested into turning you into clones of us.We’re interested in nontraditional solutions that work for you, and we don’t flinch at gender, race, class, sexual preferences, sexual practices, or outlandish wedding plans–or maybe just a little bit at the wedding plans.

Our 9 to 5 jobs will remain secret here, but they involve a lot of kicking, screaming, moaning, groaning, and telling people what to do. Both of us have multiple fancy degrees, but not in psychology or social work. We have a lazy little dog who is probably longer-lived than most of your relationships. Why not throw a question at us and see what sticks?