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Real, nonjudgmental advice about dating, sex, love, and life from a thirty-something couple that has seen it all over thirteen years.

Trust us. We live in Brooklyn. (Joking. Kind of.)

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We’ve Got Clients

There are a lot of exciting and unexpected things about this whole project. To be sure, we didn’t anticipate the volume of questions we’d get. It quickly became clear that there was way more demand for advice from both male and female perspectives than we, with our full-time careers and other interests, could ever fulfill. As an experiment, we put…

Opinions Are Like Children or Puppies, But Not Really

“Opinions are like babies and puppies. People think their own are the greatest, cutest, most wonderful things in the world. Everyone else finds them annoying and wants you to keep them away … until they want them to play.” So I guess this site is for those who want to ooh and ahh out our (non-biological) babies or play fetch with our puppies, at least for a few minutes. What we’ve been excited to find out is that you’re taking our advice, which is amazing. So they really are cute!?

And We’ve Touched A Nerve!

Hours after putting this site online and soliciting questions via OKCupid, we’ve received a number of requests, which is pretty amazing. It looks like we’ve hit upon a hidden demand for advice from two perspectives. We thought you were out there, and it turns out we were right! We’re already in conversation with a few folks, and we should begin…

We’re Ready to Pop this Cherry!

We’ve just gotten this site up and running and are looking for some folks who need some good advice. Even though it’ll be our first time, we’re pretty sure it will be good for both of us … er, the three of us.┬áSend us an e-mail with a question, and we’ll get started.

A Cornucopia of Advice: So Much to Give

We’ve got a lot to say. After a lot of hard work (mostly because David was hungover) getting this site online, we’re now at that point where we can start taking names and answering questions. Actually, we won’t take names really. We’ll keep those a secret if we get them, and we don’t even need them. We have a lot…