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Don’t Let Your Boyfriend Age Like a Rockstar: At 54 Drinks and Drugs Every Night

“I am a divorced woman who was married for 25 years. For the past 13 months, I have been dating a man who is wonderful in many ways but still enjoys partying on a nightly basis. He gets high on weed a couple of evenings a week, and also downs 24 to 48 ounces of wine as part of his typical routine. I have spoken to him a number of times about this because it seems like excessive behavior for a 54 year old man, but he insists that he’s just having fun, that he has never missed work or gotten a DUI over it, and that his health is fine. He says, “I’m straight all day. Why should I have to be that way at night?” My instincts are telling me to run away even though I care deeply for him. Am I being too much of an alarmist?”